relaunch FStotal website

End of 2009 we started the non commercial project After a server crash and time issues in 2011 we decided to update you only with posts via our facebook fan page. The year 2014 we will start with this new website.

We don´t want to publish short news here. These updates you will still get via facebook. Our aim is to give teams, teammembers, alumni, judges, organisers, friends a chance to publish FS relevant articles.

These can be about technical highlights, team optimization, personal thoughts, impressions from event, advice, …

article requirements:

  • English
  • introduction of team/event and author(s)
  • images: 1 featured image 940x400px, 5 or more detailed pictures (all should be yours!)
  • 800 or more words

your benefit

  • team/event marketing
  • link to your website
  • personal referee as author
  • our average facebook reach per post is about 3500 different users

You got an interesting idea about a article? Sent a mail to

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