Prague Demon by CULS Prague Formula Racing

2013 car of CULS Prague Formula Racing

Prague Demon is a 2013 Formula Student/SAE racing car from Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Car was built by CULS Prague Formula Racing and has moved 47 places up in world ranking after 2013 racing season.

Basic information

overall dimensions 3035 mm x 1420 mm  x 1070 mm
overall weight 231kg (without driver)
track width front: 1230 mm; rear: 1205 mm
weight distribution 50 : 50 (with driver)
maximum acceleration 0 – 100 kmph is less than 3,8s
fuel E85


“Prague Demon” has a tubular frame which is made of steel S355. This material was chosen based on ratio between price and material characteristics. Frame construction was mainly influenced by geometric requirements of chassis, engine and requirement for good weight distribution.

S355 tubular spaceframe

S355 tubular spaceframe

We used diffuser as an aerodynamic device for the first time with this car. Body work is made from composite material. It is used multilayer laminate during the manufacture with vacuum technology. For the production are used carbon fibres.


Control arms are made from steel 25CrMo4. This material was chosen for the reason of weight reduction. The control arms incorporate threaded rod ends, which allows for fine tuning of the arms. According to previous experience we selected maintenance-free rod ends which are more durable under dynamic loading.

25CrMo4 control arms

25CrMo4 control arms

Rear suspension is designed as a combination of 5-link axle and double wishbone axle. This combination has created a very progressive suspension which gives the vehicle a significantly better performance in cornering. The suspension is implemented on the front and rear axle very alike by using pull rod. The pull rod suspension was selected based on the fact that the dampers are placed in the lowest position, which contributes the position of centre of gravity.


We chose Honda CB600F engine. This four-cylinder engine was made in 2008. The engine is adapted for use of E85 Ethanol and it has been modified in order to be possible to use it in the competition. It was necessary to make mechanical adjustments of the engine that enable the optimum thermodynamic efficiency of the engine.

Honda CB600F supercharged by compressor E85 engine

Honda CB600F supercharged by compressor E85 engine

The engine is supercharged by compressor which helped us to increase torque, which is important for the acceleration of the car. Other benefits include using the torque and engine power at the lower engine speeds.

2013 results – the best ones

Formula Student Hungary:  15th acceleration,

FSAE Italy: 12th autocross, 14th endurance, 17th overall, The most friendly team special trophy

Author:  Dagmar Dvořáková - CULS Prague Formula Racing  marketing and businessplan

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