KatE – Elbflorace TU Dresden

KatE electric car designed and built by students of TU Dresden

“KatE” is a 2013 FSAE racing car made by students of the TU-Dresden’ FS Team Elbflorace. This car made it into the top 10 of the world ranking list in 2013.

basic information

overall dimensions (l x w x h) 2695 mm x 1405 mm x 1130 mm
overall weight 230 kg (without driver)
track width front: 1200 mm, rear: 1150 mm
center of gravity ca. 270 mm
unsprung weight front: 26,4 kg, rear 26,8 kg
maximum speed 130 kmph
maximum acceleration 0 – 100 kmph in less than 2,9 s
KatE during FSG acceleration

KatE during FSG acceleration


sidepods and undertray

sidepods and undertray

In accordance with our tradition, “KatE” has a self-developed CFRP monocoque. The flow-optimized nose and underbody support the directional stability at high velocities.

We also had an eye on the ergonomics; there are adjustable pedals, heel guidance, lateral support, extra legroom, a more upright seating position compared to our former cars and an adjustable head-restraint.

Good maintainability is provided through a rail-mounted battery case.


2013 front suspension Elbflorace

2013 front suspension Elbflorace

rear suspension

rear suspension

For best performance on the track we decided to use a progressive PPS steering box and vertical mounted ZF-shock-absorber with H&R-coil-springs, with pull rods for the front- and push rods for the rear axle.

Enough braking power is provided by using ISR disc brake calipers, with student designed rotors and adjustable brake bias.

For grip on the track “KatE” uses Continental 205/510 R13 racing tires, mounted on 6,5×13 Braid aluminium rims. The rims are fastened by self-made aluminium centre-locks.

To withstand maximum forces the wishbones, constructed from CFRP tubes and aluminium inserts, are made with injector adhesive technology.



For weight reasons “KatE” is purely rear-wheel driven. It is powered by two monocoque mounted Siemens 1FE1064 electric motors  each providing:

-       50 kW maximum power

-       105 Nm maximum torque

-       8000 rpm electrical limited speed

electric drivetrain

electric drivetrain

Compared to last season, the gearbox has a few changes; the sensing wheel is directly mounted to the gearwheel, and the gear ratio is changed from 4,6 to 5,8 for a better acceleration.

Two cooling circuits are used for the independent cooling of motors and inverters.

The radiators are mounted in flow-optimized side pods, to achieve maximum cooling performance.




The motors are supplied by a lithium polymer battery with a maximum voltage of 600 VDC and containing 5,3 kWh of energy.

For the LV-system we use a DC/DC converter in the accumulator. For the controller we use a Single-Board Rio from NI. As well as all sensors this board is in charge of our dynamic-modes such as traction control and torque vectoring.

2013 results

  • Formula Student UK: 3rd acceleration, 2nd efficiency, 5th overall
  • Formula Student Electric Germany: 2nd Skid Pad, 5th acceleration, 5th endurance, 5th efficiency, 5th overall
  • Formula ATA Italy: 3rd acceleration, 7th skidpad, 7th efficiency, 7th engineering design, 7th overall

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